Geita Regional Referral Hospital started as a Council Hospital in June, 2016 after the designated  made by the Ministry of Health with the intention of enabling the then Council Hospital to offer regional referral hospital services as well as providing technical support to lower-level facilities and training institutions in the region. 

The Geita Regional Referral Hospital is found within Geita Town Council which is the headquarters of Geita region, that lies between latitudes 2°8 and 3°28’ South of the equator and Longitude 310 15’ - 320 48’ East of Greenwich. The region is 1,100 to 1,300 meters above sea level and shares borders with Kagera region to the West and North; while to the South and South Eastern parts border of Shinyanga region and Mwanza region to the North.

The Serving Population
According to national census of 2022, the region had 2,977,608 in which males are 1,463,764 and females are 1,513,844. The catchment area of the Geita Regional Referral Hospital includes; the Geita Town, Geita, Chato, Bukombe, Mbogwe and Nyang’hwale. The table below summarizes the population size of Geita region.


 2,977,608 Population [2022] – Census

 20,054 km² Area

 148.5/km² Population Density [2022]

 5.5% Annual Population Change [2012 → 2022]

Bukombe District......224,542407,102

Chato District......365,127584,963

Geita Rural District......614,9121,035,214

Geita Town (← Geita Rural)Town......192,707361,671

Mbogwe District......193,922362,855

Nyang'hwale District......148,320225,803